Bottle of Light

Bottle of Light was published by Scholastic Canada in 2008 as part of their Grade 5 Guided Reading series. It isn't available for general sale, since Scholastic wants readers to encounter it for the first time with a teacher there to help them read it, but I hope that I'll be able to share it with you some day.

In November 2014, this comment was left on this site:

Good Morning Mr. Wilson,

We have read your "Bottle of Light" for several years in our Elementary School during our reading program and all the children I have had........Love it!!Besides the wonderful reading aspect, there are so many avenues for activities that I can take the children to with your book.

My most recent group has just finished the book (which we read in the dark, in our gym storage room with flashlights!) and they have so many questions!

We are hoping that you will be able to answer a few of them for us.

As our windup activity,we discussed all the above questions and have come up with our own predictions, but are super interested in your thoughts!

Thank you in advance for your time and your wonderful book! The students and I have had a blast with it!

To which I replied:

Thank you very much for your mail (and please call me "Greg"). It's always a pleasure to hear from readers, particularly ones who like the book enough to read it by flashlight. (If there's any way I could get a picture of your class reading like that, I'd be very grateful - it never occurred to me that people would do that, and I think it's wonderful that you do.)

To answer your questions: